Track & Trace of the single product.
The "open" SEiD data bank allows access to track & trace services at competitive costs.

  • It can also be integrated and share data with ERP systems.
  • It can be adapted to new or already existing regulations and standards.



Identification and certification of the single product.
The SEiD platform:

  • guarantees a high level of security and verification of the product before purchase;
  • needs no expensive supporting integrations (holograms, watermarks, special inks, etc.) which can easily be duplicated and cannot be checked by the consumer;
  • uses active and interconnected codes;
  • guarantees the interrogation responses which vary according to the number of previous interrogations on the same code.

One-to One Customer communication.

Consumers are at the centre of the system.

They can interrogate the codes simply and intuitively.

hey receive instant answers and information free of charge both before and after purchase, allowing for new forms of customer relationship management.

SEiD is a global platform which provides a unique identity to products by the assignment of secure codes.

SEiD generates unique unrepeatable random codes for every single product item.

Two (or more) alphanumeric codes can be assigned to be affixed to the product or its packaging:

a visible code which the consumer and anyone interested can use for interrogation before purchase which enables:guarda video2

  • product traceability;
  • direct communication before purchase between manufacturer and consumer.

a hidden code which can be used for interrogation only after the purchase of the product which enables:

  • defence against counterfeiting;
  • after sales and marketing communications.

SEiD is a high-tech, easy to use tool, fast and low cost. It's the tool by which the manufacturer certifies the information and by which the consumer has access to the them