By simply interrogating by means of a code, the SEiD system allows the manufacturer to communicate with various targets: end consumers, distributors, dealers, supervisory authorities.


The manufacturer decides on the information they wish to communicate to the addressees:

  • information on the identification of a single product item to be associated with interrogation of the pre purchase visible code;
  • verification of the authenticity of a single product item to be associated with interrogation of the post purchase hidden code.

The manufacturer receives different ID and password levels for access to the platform and at any time can modify the contents, different for each target, associated with the codes.

The manufacturer can decide to install the system directly on their own servers (the generation of the code will always be managed by a SEiD team).

Overall, the manufacturer takes the advantage of:

  • a direct, immediate and customised communication channel with the distribution network and consumers;
  • information on sales trends in real time;
  • management of promotional advertising messages and advertising campaigns, also on selected targets;
  • information on markets and on potential consumers;
  • data on their own consumers;
  • minimum costs for focused recall campaigns;
  • best possible terms for their insurance policy;
  • feedback on the appreciation of the product on the part of the consumer.