The consumer, with free applications for smartphones and tablets or through the SEiD website, can check the authenticity of the purchased products.

With an APP the consumer will be able to use the codes, before and after purchase, for interrogation regarding any category of product whatsoever and from anywhere in the world to know if the item is original or fake.

  • BEFORE PURCHASE: the visible code.


To the shop the consumer can use the code on the package for the first interrogation.
This code can always be used for interrogation, it transfers to the consumer all the information established by the manufacturer.

  • AFTER PURCHASE: the hidden code.


After purchase, the consumer discovers the hidden label and uses the second code for the òast interrogation, or inserts the code directly on our website. It's a unique code, not repeatable and can be used only after purchase to verify the authenticity of the product and to receive other information that manufacturers, distributors or retailers wishing to provide to the final consumer as discounts, guarantees, instructions or any other relevant information that has been selected for them.


codice produttoreThe SEiD code can be reproduced using all printing methods,particularly by standard labels with Barcode, Data Matrix and QR Code, thus optimising automatic recognition by manufacturers' and consumers' automatic readers and scanners.

The manufacturer develops the SEiD system according to their own needs and can integrate it with already

existing internal management systems.

 The platform is compatible with:

  • management systems (SAP, ERP, CRM, etc.);
  • encoding systems (GS1 , etc.);
  • any support used by the manufacturer to optimize logistics processes (RFiD, etc.).

The manufacturer chooses their preferred level of automation considering that SEiD can be implemented during any stage of the production and supply chain.

SEiD supplies personalised adhesive labels. Each label is already encoded with its unique code. The manufacturer can activate the labels themselves with the information they choose using a simple web interface.

Thanks to our platform the manufacturer can activate processes of:

  • before and after sale traceability along the entire/part of the distribution chain;
  • traceability and recall;
  • certification against counterfeiting;
  • direct communication between manufacturer and consumer.